Reclaimed Vintage x Romeo and Juliet; exclusively on Asos

Today’s post is all about the Reclaimed Vintage Romeo and Juliet collection that is exclusively sold by Asos.

In today’s post I will discuss the Romeo and Juliet collection from Reclaimed Vintage. This collection was specially designed for Valentine’s Day, and therefore has a love theme to it. That’s why the collection is called Romeo and Juliet. However, the pieces in this collection are super super cool and therefore need to be worn much more often!


The collection

First of all, as I said before, the collection has its love theme running throughout the whole collection. There are a lot of heart prints on the clothes as well as cute texts. That doesn’t take away the fact that the pieces still look super cool and tough, as you would expect from Reclaimed Vintage. While you might expect the collection to have a cute edge to it, nothing is less true. The collection truly has a vintage Rock ’n Roll feel to it. Filled with rough leather jackets and revere shirts with prints, the collection will remind you of the Rock ’n Roll 70’s. The Romeo and Juliet collection is exclusively sold through Asos. I definitely recommend you to check out the collection and add a stand-out piece like the ones in this collection to your wardrobe!


The outfit

Let’s focus on my personal outfit for a bit now. In this outfit, the focus is on the Romeo and Juliet Biker Jacket from Reclaimed Vintage. You can find the Biker Jacket here on Asos. This black biker jacket has a lot of red details to it and the text ‘Star Crossed Lovers’ on its back. There are also silver studs on the and the zippers have an awesome detail to it! The quality of the jacket is amazing and the leather really thick and heavy. Its one of those biker jackets that will last forever and will only start looking better and better as it gets older. I combined the jacket with a black hoodie, a black destroys-look jeans and black leather Chelsea boots. I also wear some black and silver accessories, which fit perfectly to the jacket.



I personally love the Rock ’n Roll look. Biker jackets, ripped jeans, all things I love to wear and believe will make you look great. The Romeo and Juliet collection from Reclaimed Vintage offers exactly this. Therefore, if you also love this style, you should definitely go and check it out! The collections is filled with amazing stand-out pieces and will really give your wardrobe an upgrade. Make yourself stand out of the crowd with one of the pieces from this collection.


by Robert Mitchell

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