Björn Borg Riviera Collection; ready for summer

Last month, Björn Borg has launched their Riviera Collection. The collection is inspired by the French coast combined with pastel tones. The collection consists of high-quality basics such as t-shirts, sweaters, polo’s, shorts and swim shorts; all made in the summery Riviera look & feel.


According to Toni Marevic, Head of Design:

The Björn Borg Riviera Collection is made for the kind of guy that loves the feeling of sand on their skin and the sound of the ocean. The items in this collection are made of soft and comfortable material and is all a guy wants to wear after a long day at the office or a long day in the burning sun.


The Björn Borg Riviera Collection

The collection consists of 26 items for guys. These items are divided in t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo’s, shorts and swim shorts. All of the items are made in fresh, summery pastel tones and have prints that are inspired by the beach.



In my opinion, this small capsule collection of Björn Borg has been launched right at the perfect time. With temperatures rising, the sun coming out more often and people getting the summer in their head, the colors and prints of this collection are perfectly suited for the time of the year. The collection looks and feels very summery and the pastel tones make the items light and cheerful, without being too flashy. Its the high quality that we’re used to from Björn Borg, but than in a great summer look. In the images below, you will find a small overview with highlights of the collection.


You can find the Björn Borg Riviera Collection online here:


by Robert Mitchell

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