Boda Skins Axl; the everlasting jacket

In this post I would like to highlight the new Boda Skins Axl jacket.

This Boda Skins Axl leather jacket is 100% Premium Napa Sheepskin, full grain leather and feels amazing. The quality is just incredible and this jacket is fully worth its price and will probably last forever! The main advantage of this jacket is that you can wear it in many ways. You can wear it formal over a shirt and a tie and with a trousers, but you can also wear it very casual like I did in this post, with a t-shirt and jeans.


Great products, great service

Besides their amazing pieces, Boda Skins has incredible customer support. They are very fast responding to questions and the product quality is highly checked. At Boda Skins they only work with the best artisans on the planet and all of their products are hand crafted in boutique, family run workshops. Furthermore, each jacket is hand checked before being shipped. Boda Skins also offers a lifelong guarantee on their products. As they say: ” We put our heart and soul into making leathers to love forever. To us, that means making pieces that last and that you’ll never want to lose or leave behind. This is why we can guarantee without hesitation that they’ll go the distance and offer a lifetime guarantee on every product.”


If you’re a fan of leather jackets, Boda Skins is definitely one of the first brands you should check out!


by Robert Mitchell

Boda Skins Axl Boda Skins Axl

Boda Skins Axl Boda Skins Axl

Boda Skins Axl Boda Skins Axl

Boda Skins Axl Boda Skins Axl

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