Calvin Klein Jewelry; the perfect gift

Today’s post is about the new Calvin Klein jewelry collection.

I was fortunate enough to receive and review some items of the new collection of jewelry from Calvin Klein. As my long time followers already know by now, I’m a big fan of jewelry. From necklaces and bracelets, to watches and rings, I always like to combine them all together and give my look that bit extra. In my opinion, the addition of jewelry really makes a simple outfit a special one and a good outfit a great one.


What jewelry to choose?

However, what jewelry do you choose and how to combine them? When I wear outfits with multiple layers (busy outfits), I usually choose to wear just a few minimalistic pieces, since the outfit itself does most of the work. However, the simpler the outfit, the more items are permitted. For example, when I wear an outfit with multiple layers (shirt, hoodie, jacket), I usually only wear a watch, a single bracelet and some rings. However, when I wear a plain an simple outfit (jeans and t-shirt), I like to add a lot of items to it. In these cases I usually wear a watch, multiple bracelets, multiple rings and a necklace. Some of you might not want to wear that many items, but you can always adjust the amount of items to your personal taste. When wearing a smart look (business or business casual), I like to minimize the amount of items of jewelry. In these cases, I usually only wear a nice watch or maybe add a bracelet to it.


The Calvin Klein jewelry collection.

When you’re a fan of jewelry, the new Calvin Klein collection is a huge recommendation. It’s an all-inclusive collection that consists of watches, bracelets, rings and necklaces. The collection appears minimalistic, chic and elegant. Perfectly suited for both casual and formal looks, it offers the versatility that is asked of a jewelry collection. It includes male, female and unisex pieces, so for there’s definitely something for everyone. So when you’re looking for a nice gift for a loved one, make sure to take this collection into consideration.


by Robert Mitchell


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