Calvin Klein Jewelry and the new direction of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has found a new path with the assignment of Raf Simons.

2017 marks an important year for Calvin Klein as it is the first year that the fashion house is helmed by Belgian designer Raf Simons. To highlight this change, I wanted to make a very brief blogpost about the Calvin Klein Jewelry collection.


Calvin Klein Jewelry

I recently had the privilege of receiving some items of the new Calvin Klein Jewelry collection. As some of my longtime readers already know; I’m a big fan of jewelry. I believe that accessories can really make a look extraordinary and think that men should not shy away from adding multiple accessories to their outfits.

Ever since receiving the new items from Calvin Klein, I have been wearing them almost non-stop. I think the design of the collection looks modern, sleek, classic and timeless. You can add these pieces to almost any outfit and it will look great.

If you’re looking for some new jewelry, you should definitely check out the collection. You can find the Calvin Klein Jewelry collection here:


by Robert Mitchell

Calvin Klein Jewelry Calvin Klein Jewelry Calvin Klein Jewelry Calvin Klein Jewelry

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