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Blogpost about the accessories from Dutch accessories brand Buddha to Buddha.

In this blogpost I’m going to talk about my love for accessories with the focus on the accessoires from Dutch brand Buddha to Buddha. As you might know, I’m a guy that wears quite a lot of accessories. I like to finish my look with some rings, bracelets and most of the time a necklace as well. In my opinion, accessories can really make an outfit stand apart from regular outfits. Furthermore, it gives a little excitement and creativity to it.


When and how to wear accessories

Since everybody’s personal taste differs quite a bit, I can’t talk for everybody. However, I personally think that accessories (especially rings and bracelets) can be combined with almost any outfit. Even when wearing a suit, a nice bracelet and ring can really make a huge difference in how it appears. In my opinion however, accessories are best suited in the summer season when wearing little clothes. When you’re only wearing a t-shirt and jeans for example. When wearing simple and plain outfits like these (because of hot temperatures), accessories really make an outfit special even when the outfit itself is simple. Add some nice rings and bracelets to it and a cool necklace and you will look amazing either way. I personally like to wear a lot, but if you prefer to wear just a few accessories than that’s also great of course!


Buddha to Buddha

Let’s talk about the brand I’m wearing accessories from for this blogpost now; Buddha to Buddha. Buddha to Buddha is a lifestyle brand from Amsterdam, known worldwide, mainly for its beautiful and timeless unisex jewelry made of 925 sterling silver. They have been around since 1997 and are therefore celebrating their 20th birthday this year! The jewelry brand has been inspired by the Buddhist way of life. A way of life that focuses on consciousness, love and joy. Buddha to Buddha jewelry are handmade by the best craftsmen in Bali in Indonesia. Because they have been producing their jewelry in Bali since the beginning, they have established a great relationship with the island and its culture and people. Therefore, they want to give back to the island and have started a project with the Bali Children Foundation.


New Store

Like I said, Buddha to Buddha is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate this, they have opened a new shop-in-shop in the Bijenkorf in Rotterdam. In this shop, you will find a great selection with some of the most beautiful jewelry from the brand. So if you’re near Rotterdam and like silver accessories, you should definitely visit the shop-in-shop in the Bijenkorf!


The Outfit

Now, let’s talk about what I’m wearing in these photos. When I was shooting these photos, the weather was amazing. The sun was out and the temperature was really nice. Therefore, I was only wearing a black long sleeve with a black jeans. In order to make my outfit more exciting, I added some jewelry to it. I added a necklace, ring and bracelet to it, which are all from Buddha to Buddha. Furthermore was I wearing my Trip watch. I think the outfit is simple, yet great and fits to almost any occasion.



I believe accessories are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe nowadays. The time when accessories were mainly for women is a long time behind us and accessories can make a man look great and masculine at the same time. Adding some nice details to an outfit, really finishes it and makes it look even more stunning. I recommend any guy to add some accessories to his collection and if you love great quality, silver accessories, you should definitely take a look at the Buddha to Buddha webshop or visit one of their stores.


by Robert Mitchell

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