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Summer Details; finish an outfit in style

Today’s post is called Summer Details and are all about how to finish an outfit in style.

I want to make a quick post about some details. As you probably already know by now, I’m a big fan of details such as accessories, shoes, sunglasses et cetera! I really believe these extra touches make an outfit extraordinary and that’s what you want eventually; to stand out! So this will be a very short post about an outfit pallet I put together yesterday.

Let me start with the biggest pieces. The black bomber jacket is from Pepe Jeans, this is a very affordable, good quality jacket that is perfect for spring. The black and white long sleeve shirt is from Quality Blanks, which is home brand. The dark grey jeans are from Zara. Furthermore, the sneakers are the new Sensorflex Wharf District Oxford. These are extremely comfortable and look very cool! The watch is from Triwa and the accessories from Icon Brand. Sunglasses are from Ray-Ban and the perfume is Baldessarini Ultimate. This perfume smells really nice, which is obviously a very important thing if you want to make a good and groomed appearance.


I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know if you want these kind of informational posts more often!


Robert Mitchell

Details Details

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