Dutch Summer; fashion at the Dutch shore

Today’s post is called Dutch Summer and is all about what to wear during the summer period in The Netherlands.

Hi guys! I’m back home in The Netherlands! What are you up to? In todays post called Dutch Summer, I’m writing about my day at the beach in The Netherlands. Fortunately, the weather has been pretty good since I came back from my holiday so I was able to go to the beach here as well!

Today was a day like that, where me and my family went to the beach to eat and drink something on a terrace there. We decided not to swim, but it was too warm for a long trouser, so I chose to wear a short salmon colored trouser with a white shirt on top of that. I combined that with brown colored bracelets and a brown belt. As you can see, these accessoires are really matching with the buttons on my shirt. I’m also wearing a gold Ray-Ban sunglasses and if you take a good look at my watch you can see that it is gold with brown straps; matching with the rest of my accessoires! I’m a big fan of these kind of little details that really make an outfit complete!


I hope you guys like the outfit!


by Robert Mitchell


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