Embrace Life; Contemplation and Celebration with Buddha to Buddha

Blogpost about the accessories from Dutch accessories brand Buddha to Buddha.

Founded in 1997, Buddha to Buddha is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate this milestone, they have launched an online magazine and fully new brand video. With the launch of the video and magazine, made in collaboration with VIRTUE (part of VICE Media Group), Buddha to Buddha visually shows what they stand for; Embrace Life!

In this blogpost I’m going to talk about my love for accessories with the focus on the accessoires from Dutch brand Buddha to Buddha. As you might know, I’m a guy that wears quite a lot of accessories. I like to finish my look with some rings, bracelets and most of the time a necklace as well. In my opinion, accessories can really make an outfit stand apart from regular outfits. Furthermore, it gives a little excitement and creativity to it.


Breathe Life

Love, lust, friendship, fights; a Buddha to Buddha jewelry is part of and witness to every element in life. The new brand video shows exactly that. It takes you on a trip through all aspects of life; the ups and the downs, the ordinary and the extraordinary. Pure moments, just like the craftsmanship with which the Buddha to Buddha jewelry is made, raw like the appearance of them. The video is intriguing in every way possible. You can find the full brand video here


The Brand Magazine

In the magazine, the Embrace Life vision clearly comes forward as well. The magazine has a clear focus on the subjects contemplation and celebration and allows several celebrities to tell their stories. For example, Mr. Probz, Dutch singer, tells about the challenges he faces during his life and how he overcame them and turned them into success stories. Furthermore, Tiany Kiriloff, well-known from her fashion blog Belmonde, shares her style secrets. You will also find out where and how the Buddha to Buddha jewelry is made and you will be provided with tips for mindfulness and how to celebrate life. This and much more can be found in the new brand magazine which you can find on their website


Buddha to Buddha; Embrace Life

Buddha to Buddha originated in 1997 during a meditation holiday in Asia. The founder went in search of a deeper meaning of both contemplation and celebration. He made a sketch of a bracelet and left it a local silversmith to make a sample. The first bracelet was born and was called Batul. Over the years Buddha to Buddha became famous for its handmade premium bracelets. The Buddha to Buddha jewelry collection is the embodiment of a deeper feeling that is within everybody. Designed in Amsterdam and handmade by the best silversmiths from the Asian-Pacific region. Buddha to Buddha.


When and how to wear accessories

Since everybody’s personal taste differs quite a bit, I can’t talk for everybody. However, I personally think that accessories (especially rings and bracelets) can be combined with almost any outfit. Even when wearing a suit, a nice bracelet and ring can really make a huge difference in how it appears. In my opinion however, accessories are best suited in the summer season when wearing little clothes. When you’re only wearing a t-shirt and jeans for example, like I do in this post. When wearing simple and plain outfits like these (because of hot temperatures), accessories really make an outfit special even when the outfit itself is simple. Add some nice rings and bracelets to it and a cool necklace and you will look amazing either way. I personally like to wear a lot, but if you prefer to wear just a few accessories than that’s also great of course!



Embrace Life! Make sure you enjoy your life and do the things you love. Everybody will experience ups-and-downs. However, the key to happiness is how you deal with them. See the challenge in the downs. Focus on the positive things. With the right mindset, you will find a way to happiness!


by Robert Mitchell

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