Goosecraft Biker921; the everyday Biker jacket

Today’s post is about the Goosecraft Biker921 jacket. This army green jacket is an everyday leather jacket that is wearable in every season.

As some of you might know, Dutch brand Goosecraft produces high-quality leather jackets. Their jackets fit amazingly well and most importantly, they look great. All of their jackets are a 100% real leather and will last ages. They produce both for men and for women, so any leather lover can eat their heart out. You can find all of their jackets in their fully renewed webshop here.


History of Goosecraft

Goosecraft is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand founded in 2006. In the decade since its birth, the company has gone from strength to strength, and their leather jackets from top-drawer to visionary. Their mainstay is leather; tough, tenacious, vigorous, lush and lasting leather. What makes Goosecraft’s products unique? Two key points: the drive to create the ultimate leather collections with an eye to the trend, and the tribute they pay to classic designs.


Passion for Leather

At Goosecraft, they have a real passion for leather. Let me quote a paragraph from their website to illustrate this:

Don’t you just love the smell of quality leather? We know we do. Leather is the essence of our brand. It’s why we get out of bed every day. We’ve been working with this raw, gritty and iconic material since long before 2006, and we still can’t get enough of it. We respect the values of fashion, but we will always remain strongly independent when it comes to style.


The Outfit

I don’t think I need to convince you more about the quality of these jackets, right? Trust me, they are well worth their price and will only get more beautiful as they get older. They come in multiple styles and colors, so everyone should be able to find their perfect jacket.

So let’s talk a bit more about the outfit now. In this outfit I’m pulling off the turtleneck-under-shirt look. This retro 70’s look has fully made it’s comeback during the autumn season and I can only cheer for it. Not only does it look super cool, it is also very convenient since it keeps you warm during the colder seasons. When wearing it like this, you can decide to wear a leather jacket or other thinner jacket and still stay warm.

Both my turtleneck and jacket are army green. I think it looks cool to make a color come back several times in an outfit, since it creates a bit of consistency. The shirt I’m wearing is a dark grey denim shirt and I’m wearing a black jeans. I decided to wear my black military boots with the outfit, since they fit very well in this look.

I think this outfit looks great and is very wearable at the same time. You can pull this look off any day any time and you will always look very fashionable.


by Robert Mitchell


goosecraft goosecraft

goosecraft goosecraft goosecraft

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