Goosecraft; the classical cool biker look

Goosecraft offers super high-quality leather jackets.

In today’s post I want to highlight one of my new leather jackets from Goosecraft, which is a Dutch brand which makes incredible leather jackets. The looks of their jackets are amazing, as well as their quality. Their jackets will last ages, which is a huge pro for leather jackets in my opinion. Especially, since most of them will only get more beautiful as they get older.


The Jacket

The leather jacket I wear in today’s post already has a nice vintage look to it. I chose for a dark grey color, which is very easy to combine. You can wear this color with both denim and dark jeans. In this look, I decided to combine it with a Tigha black jeans. Furthermore, I’m wearing white striped baseball shirt. My sunglasses are from Ray-Ban.

I think an outfit like this makes you look super cool. It has that classical biker feel to it. However, it is combined it such way that it is really modern at the same time. I personally love this style a lot and I hope you do too!


I you guys like the outfit and especially the jacket, then I really recommend taking a look at Goosefraft’s website to check out their collection:


by Robert Mitchell

Goosecraft Goosecraft Goosecraft Goosecraft Goosecraft

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