Hackett London; sunny spring fashion

Today’s blogpost is all about the Spring/Summer 2017 collection of British fashion and lifestyle brand Hackett London.

The Spring/Summer collection of Hackett London has the distinctive British feel feel to it where Hackett is known for. With the English Riviera as its theme, they focus on spring colors while offering a varied selection of layering pieces that will get you through the colder spring days. With Hackett’s slogan being ‘the modern gentleman’, we wouldn’t expect nothing less than luxurious materials and rich appearing pieces.


The collection

The Spring/Summer collection offers a wide variety of styles. Two- or three-pieced suits, rich structured sweaters, blazers, chino’s, everything you need is in there. The collection has its focus on spring colors, such as leaf green, camel, broken white, blue and beige. The whole story follows the same direction, making it easy to combine different pieces from the collection with each other. Wether you prefer to only wear a rich looking sweater on top of a nice chino, or you want to go all out with a full suit, you will look great either way. There’s also a decent amount of accessoires offered in the collection. For example sunglasses, shoes and belts, which will make your outfit look even more complete.


The modern day gentleman

All of the collection is an ode to men that still hold the door open. The man who still pay the meal for their dates. The men who still think it’s polite to salute other people. In other words; the modern day gentleman. The whole image of Hackett London appears prosperous. Their clothing looks rich and the quality of their pieces is amazing. The Spring/Summer collection reminds me of those fashionable yet relaxed summer nights in a place like Cannes. Let this now be exactly one of my favorite settings of all time..


The outfit

Let’s now switch our focus more to the specific outfit I’m wearing in these photos. In this outfit I’m wearing the Texture Stitched Crew Neck Jumper in broken white. When only wearing the crew neck, it is perfectly suited for a sultry summer night. However, if it’s still a bit colder, for example in the spring season, simply combine it with a jacket. The chino I’m wearing is the Sanderson Tailored Chinos in beige. The gilet that I’m wearing underneath my jacket is the Channel Gilet in green. Finally, my jacket is the Four Pocket Velospeed Jacket in green. The accessories I’m wearing are from my own collection. I think this outfit looks very sophisticated and the colors do really well in the spring season. I layered a few pieces to make it a bit warmer, since the warmth hasn’t really kicked in yet!



I believe the Spring/Summer collection of Hackett London looks great! It looks very sophisticated and it offers a wide variety of pieces that can all be perfectly combined with each other. Make sure you attract all of the attention this season with this amazing collection.


by Robert Mitchell

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