Leather Jacket Fashion with Garcia Jeans

Today’s post is called Leather Jacket Fashion with Garcia Jeans and as the title suggests, it is about a leather jacket from the brand Garcia Jeans.

If you have been following my work for some time, you might already know that I’m a huge fan of leather jacket fashion. In my opinion, someone almost instantly looks cooler with a leather jacket on. But… in the autumn and winter it tends to get really cold in The Netherlands (where I’m from) and leather jackets usually don’t offer a lot of warmth. However, there is a solution! If you have a leather jacket that fits a bit bigger, you can combine it with really thick and warm pieces like winter sweaters or hoodies. So don’t start storing your jackets now and wait for the warmer days, rather combine it with warmer pieces.


The Outfit

So now, let’s talk about the look I put together for today’s post. In this look I’m wearing a black used-look biker jeans. I combined it with a grey denim shirt with a long black t-shirt underneath. Furthermore, the leather jacket is from Garcia Jeans and you can find it here

I photographed this outfit with and without a scarf. Especially in the autumn season, it might be a decent temperature during the daytime. During these hours, a scarf might actually be a bit too warm. Obviously as it gets later, it start getting colder as well and at these times a scarf might be the perfect solution to offer you some extra warmth. When it gets even colder, for example during the winter, you might consider wearing a sweater or hoodie underneath the leather jacket in stead of a shirt. You can also add some gloves to it to make it even warmer. So there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a leather jacket as a fashion piece in the autumn and winter season, just make sure you combine it in such way that it is warm enough to wear outside.


The Brand

Before I finish this post, I want to tell you a bit more about the brand Garcia Jeans in case you’re not familiar with the brand. Garcia Jeans is a brand that produces all kinds of fashion pieces and the brand truly has character. They believe that everyone should be able to afford the best. That’s why their prices remain accessible even while each product is handcrafted and of the highest quality. I personally really like their story a lot. You can read the full story on their website. For now, I’m going to finish this post with a paragraph from their website:

Life is a series of choices.

These choices add up to who we are. They determine our character. Stand still. Or fall face first into the unknown. Follow conventional wisdom. Or succeed on your own terms. Play it safe. Or cause a stir. Take what you’re handed. Or design a life you love. Go with the flow. Or take the road less boring. Stick to what you know. Or be open to all that this world has to offer.

Live life. Or live La Dolce Vita.


Make sure to enjoy your life my friends!


Robert Mitchell

Garcia Jeans Fashion Garcia Jeans Fashion

Garcia Jeans Fashion Garcia Jeans Fashion

Garcia Jeans Fashion  Garcia Jeans Fashion

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