Philips One Blade; review of a hybrid shaver

The Philips OneBlade is a hybrid between an electric trimmer and shaver; an all-in one blade so to say. Therefore, the Philips OneBlade is suitable for men who have beards, mustaches, sideburns, or any other facial hairstyle.

According to Philips, the Philips One Blade device has been “specially designed to suit the modern man’s needs”. It can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair to a precision stubble length using one of the three combs that are included. Or, you can use it without a comb for a closer shave.


The Design

Unlike most electric trimmers, the design of the OneBlade looks more like that of a regular shaver than an electric trimmer. It is long and narrow and feels easy to handle. The blade has a black body with bright lime green edges. The head features only one blade. This single blade moves incredibly quickly, in fact, 200x per second. It’s surrounded by a “dual protection system”, meaning it’s guarded by a shield with rounded plastic tips to protect your skin. This designed to reduce irritation of the skin. The blade has tiny holds much like the foil-style of a men’s electric shaver. Furthermore, there’s a circular on/off button on the middle part of the shaver.


Three Combs

The shaver/trimmer comes with three different comb inserts. These combs can click on and click off as needed. This is very convenient since anybody can choose the best one for their desired beard length and style.



The trimmer is rechargeable and has been designed with a long-lasting NimH battery. It will take eight hours to fully charge and once fully charged, it will give you 45 minutes of shaving time. This feels a bit short for an 8-hour charge, however for the everyday morning shaver like myself it gives plenty of time to trim that beard of yours! The guy that uses it as a trimmer and to create shapes and angles in their beards, 45 minutes might be a little short and they may need to charge it every day after shaving.


Wet or Dry

The OneBlade can be used for both wet or dry shaving, however I do prefer to shave wet. It just gives a bit of a smoother feel and since I usually shave fully clean, it’s preferable to shave wet.



Of course, what matters most is how the OneBlade performs. Here, Philips has managed to create a lightweight yet robust device that can certainly cut through all lengths of hair. The small but powerful head makes it easy to use, and thanks to a dual-sided design, since the blade protrudes from both the bottom and top edge of the head, it can be used to shave and create straight edges from any angle.

The OneBlade can be used both wet and dry. If you, like me, prefer to have your morning shave in the shower, and/or using shaving gel, the OneBlade will happily oblige. Plus, cleaning the device is simply a matter of running it under the tap. Unlike bulkier electric razors, Philips’ device not only feels easier to use but it won’t block too much of your face when you’re trying to edge up your sideburns either.

Personally, I prefer a close shave. I like to have a smooth face and shave my face without irritating my skin. So one of the most important questions for me would be; what about that close shave? Well, fortunately for me, it may just be the OneBlade’s best feature.

The OneBlade doesn’t slice your hair too closely, thanks to its polymer shield I mentioned before. This means you can avoid skin irritation while still achieving an impressively close shave. Using the OneBlade regularly to trim shorter hair, the blade didn’t catch even once, making it a really pleasant shaving experience.

It’s also possible to shave against the hair without worrying about razor burn. Since the OneBlade’s form factor is similar to a traditional razor, it feels more easy and natural to shave against the hair, especially on your neck, than it does with a bulkier electric shaver. On occasion, I also used it simply to clean up the hair on my neck, and it probably was the easiest neck shave I’ve ever had.



In my opinion, the Philips OneBlade is perfectly suited for a smooth close shave and seen it’s price point could just become your new go-to shaver if you favour a close shave. It’s great for sensitive skin, since it doesn’t shave too near the skin and The OneBlade’s fast-moving blade also means you’ll achieve an even trim when using the shaver for its intended purpose of styling facial hair. I believe the Philips OneBlade is definitely worth a shot, believe me you won’t regret it. Tech Magazine has a really cool online magazine where they write about all the new technologies on the market. This time, they have also written a cool story about the Philips One Blade. You can check out the full article here:


by Robert Mitchell

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