Primark Damrak; opening of a new flagship store

Primark Damrak; Amsterdam host of this new amazing flagship store

Most of you are probably already familiar with Primark. However, for the ones who are not; Primark is a clothing retailer that sells great fashion at amazing prices. That’s why their slogan is:

Amazing fashion, amazing prices


Primark Damrak

Now they are opening a new flagship store in Amsterdam. The stores address will be Damrak 77 and the stores name will therefore be Primark Damrak (how convenient!). The store officially opens on the 1st of December at 10 o’clock in the morning. The store will be huge and you can really eat your heart out searching through all of the fashion!

I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of being able to spend 300 euro in the store. With the 300 euro, I had to combine several outfits to make some photos with. I can tell you, the 300 euros are very well spent! Walking around the store with two shopping carts, it wasn’t hard to find great material to shoot with. If you are curious about the outfits I put together, scroll through all of the photos that I have attached to this post. I hope you guys like the outfits and photos!!


Background information on Primark

So a question you might have is how Primark is able to offer fashion at such low prices. I can answer that question for you! I was talking to the Head of Design of the men’s department of Primark the other day. He told me that Primark produces in exactly the same factories as other major brands such as H&M, Topman and many more. However, Primark produces in enormous batches and sells at very low margins. They therefore have chosen a strategy of selling high volume at low margins instead of low volume at high margins, like many other fashion brands. So don’t worry that Primark isn’t treating their employees well, because the opposite is more likely!

In fact, Primark has very strict regulation as it comes to the working environment of their employees. They inspect their factories and working environment very often and make sure everything is right. Furthermore, Primark does a bunch for charity and is fully aware when it comes to sustainability and the environment.


What does Primark do to make the world a better place?

Below I’ll give some examples of what Primark does:

  • Since 2011 Primark has partnered with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), local partners and their suppliers on the HER-project (Health Enables Returns). They do this to provide healthcare and health education to women working in the factories that make their products.
  • Primark and DFID join forces to improve the wellbeing of garment workers in developing markets. They have started a new partnership with the Department for International Development to improve working conditions for garment workers in developing markets.
  • Primark has approved external auditors to inspect every factory. They don’t own the factories that make their products themselves. These factories that make Primark’s clothes also produce for other retailers too. To make sure these factories meet the highest standards, every single factory is audited by approved external auditors. By auditing with respect to Primark’s Code of Conduct they gain insight into the working conditions and labour standards of the factories that supply their products.
  • Environmental Sustainability Program. As a major international retailer Primark recognizes their responsibility to the environment and work hard to ensure their products are made with respect for workers’ rights and the environment. As part of their Environmental Sustainability Programme they have strict chemical management requirements for their products that comply with EU and US legislation. They also look for opportunities to go beyond EU and US legislation to reduce the environmental impact of the textile manufacturing processes.

Besides these measurements, Primark does a bunch more, for example, all of their bags are from recycled materials and they contribute to education about doing sustainable business on a big scale and many more things!



So now that you know that Primark is actually a company that does a lot for society, you can enjoy their fashion even more than you already probably did! So don’t hesitate and run to the new Damrak store tomorrow to find out all of their new styles and to get familiar with the new flagship store! But first, get inspired by the outfit photos below..


by Robert Mitchell

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