Rooftop Chilling with Hummel; limited edition sneakers

Today’s post is about a limited edition pair of sneakers from Hummel.

Hi guys! How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine! Today I’m writing about a special, limited edition sneaker that was provided to me by Hummel Sport. This sneaker is designed in Japan and is the product of a collaboration between Hummel J, ROOTS&Co and Master Piece and only 400 pairs of these sneakers were produced worldwide. I personally think these sneakers are awesome and I hope you do too!

The sneakers fit to almost any outfit. They are perfect to wear in a street style inspired way, but you can also wear them casually under a jeans and a t-shirt.


There are some exciting projects upcoming so stay tuned!


by Robert Mitchell


Hummel Hummel

Hummel Hummel Hummel

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