Samsonite RED; the only backpack you’ll need

Today’s blogpost is all about the new generation backpacks from Samsonite; the Samsonite RED collection.

Samsonite has been developing bags for over a century, with its main purpose to offer travellers all around the world a trustworthy companion during all of their travels and adventures. With Samsonite RED, the latest addition to the Samsonite family, they have developed a super versatile range of bags that satisfies every need for people who are always busy and always on the road working towards new goals.


The Samsonite RED collection

The RED collection consists of bags, backpacks, and accessories, all designed with fresh, creative ideas and designed for people who are into modern style. It was first introduced in Asia back in 2011 and has been a huge success there ever since. That’s why Samsonite decided to take a risk and introduce this range in Europe to try and turn it into the same success story as it already is all across Asia.

The look of the collection is fresh, modern and clean. Almost all products appear very minimalistic, however the technical features  are incredible. All of the bags are super versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Color wise the collection appears dark, with a lot of black and grey-ish colors, colors that are in my opinion perfectly suited for bags and accessories. Some of the pieces (like the one on the photos in this blogpost) have pop-color details, like bright blue. I think this makes the pieces a little bit more fun and playful and breathe some fresh air in the collection.

The collection is definitely worth checking out, so you can use the following link to see the whole collection and the story behind it:



I believe this collection is perfectly suited for the European market. The bags are super convenient and look super modern and cool. If you’re the type of person that always stays busy and spends a lot of time traveling, the Samsonite RED collection is exactly what you need!


by Robert Mitchell

Samsonite RED Samsonite RED Samsonite RED Samsonite RED Samsonite RED Samsonite RED

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