Skincare by Lab Series; fuel for your skin


Today’s post is all about the skincare for men by Lab Series.

I got a lot of questions on Instagram about which skincare and shaving products I use, so I decided to make a post about this on my website. Over the years I have used many different products (especially shaving products) and was never fully satisfied. However, since a few months I have been using products from Lab Series. Their products have been awarded multiple times by different men lifestyle magazines and I fully understand why. I use a face wash and all-in-one face treatment cream which I both use every day. The face wash washes my face really well and after using it my dash feels very clean and soft. After having washed it, I put on the all-in-one face treatment cream, which makes sure it is moisturized and healthy. I also use shaving cream from Lab Series, which works very well for me.


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I hope I have informed you guys enough about my skincare and I will update more frequently about things like these in the future, since there seems to be quite some interest in this!


Have a blessed day guys!


Robert Mitchell

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