Spring is coming; time to get the leather jackets out

Today’s post is called ‘Spring is coming’ and is all about the transition from winter fashion to spring fashion. The focus in this blogpost is on an outfit with a black leather jacket.

In today’s post called ‘Spring is coming’ I will talk about an outfit that is perfect for the early spring season. As it might not yet be warm enough to get your t-shirts out in the beginning of the spring season, it will probably be too warm to wear thick winter coats. That’s why you will want to wear a more transitional outfit, that works perfect in this time of the year.



What I usually recommend to do when the outside temperature is right in between cold and warm, is to layer your outfit with multiple layers. In this way, you can take something off when it gets too warm, or add it back on when it starts to get colder again. There are multiple variations that will do the job, but in this outfit I decided to wear a sweater over a shirt and then wear a leather jacket on top of it. I believe leather jackets are perfectly suited for this time of the year. That’s because they offer some warmth but not too much and above all they look great depending on the outfit you’re wearing.


Color Variations

As for colors, you can go many different directions in this time of the year. When the sun’s out, you might want to wear slightly brighter colors. However, the sun might not be shining very often in the early spring season. Therefore, darker colors like black and grey will look great on those days. When I was shooting this outfit, it really was an in between everything kinda day. It was not warm, neither was it cold. And sometimes the sun was shining and at other times it started raining all of a sudden.


The Outfit

So let’s focus on the specific outfit I’m wearing in these photos right now. Because the weather was this typical early-spring weather, I decided to layer my outfit. I’m wearing a grey denim shirt, with a burgundy sweater on top of it. While these colors are usually more autumn kinda colors, they work very well on these days as well. The jeans I’m wearing is a black jeans from Tigha. Since a black jeans like this matches with almost any outfit and circumstance, you can not go wrong with it. Furthermore, the jacket I’m wearing is a black leather jacket, which is also from Tigha.



In conclusion, an outfit like this will do great in any situation. It is perfectly suited for the spring season and besides being convenient, it looks super cool as well. I hope you got inspired by it and will want to wear outfits like these as well!


by Robert Mitchell

Spring-Layering Spring-Layering Spring-Layering Spring-Layering Spring-Layering


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