Stradivarius Man; a must-see collection

Stradivarius has launched a collection for men and I can tell you that it’s worth checking out!

Today’s post is all about the launch of the collection for men from Stradivarius. After 20 years of incredibly successful business in the women’s fashion industry, they have now set a new goal. This goal is to take over the world of men’s fashion. I had the pleasure of checking it out yesterday, before the official launch and it looks amazing! They target the young men aged between 20 to 35 and offer a wide range of styles, making it easy for anyone to find pieces that fit to their personal style.


Three Blocks

The Stradivarius Man collection is divided into three different blocks; smart, denim and cotton.



The smart block is the most cosmopolitan collection. As the name already predicts, this collection is the most dressed, formal of the three collections. The collection is dominated by dark colors, such as grey, black and navy and looks really sophisticated. Most of the clothes in this collection are loose fitting and comfortable and let you go from morning to evening without feeling the need to change clothes and get more comfortable. The collection looks really sophisticated, yet trendy and offers styles that you can wear any day, any time.



The Cotton collection responds to a ‘carefully careless’ concept, with Indigo being the main color. However, neutral colors also have an important presence in this collection. The Cotton collection is the most informal of the three blocks and is based on cotton, with natural fibers having a special importance.  The collection is dominated by washed garments, giving the clothes a bit of a ‘used’ look. the clothes in this collection are perfect for the guy that likes to dress up comfortably, with a preference for a casual look.



Denim has always been the DNA of Stradivarius. Of course, denim is therefore well-represented in de collection for men. The denim collection recovers denim authenticity and combines it with new cutting edge fabrics. You will find anything from a classic denim to a chambray shirt in this collection.


My Outfit

I was lucky enough to put together some pieces from the collection in order to shoot some photos with. I think the Smart block fits best to my personal style and therefore, all of the pieces I picked come from the Smart block. In this outfit, I am wearing a black ‘used look’ leather jacket. This jacket is genuine leather and has a vintage feel to it. Furthermore, I am wearing a light grey pantalon, a white shirt with a burgundy sweater on top of it and black leather boots.



The Stradivarius Man collection offers a wide variety of styles and anyone should be able to find great additions to their wardrobe in the collection. With a great price-quality ratio, Stradivarius really has done a great job and I predict major success for them with this first collection for men.


by Robert Mitchell

Stradivarius Stradivarius

Stradivarius StradivariusStradivarius

StradivariusStradivarius Stradivarius  Stradivarius Stradivarius Stradivarius


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