Street Style; fashion from new brand Lumi3re

Today’s post is about new Dutch fashion brand Lumi3re.

But now about the outfit. In this post I’m wearing a black and white outfit which fits with the autumn and winter style. It’s a street style inspired outfit, which I personally love. Most of the clothes I’m wearing are from Lumi3re. It’s a new brand that one of my friends started and their website has just launched so take a look at their website if you like these looks.

In one look I’m wearing their Leather Jacket and White T-Shirt with leather shoulder pads. My friend is also wearing the White T-Shirt with leather shoulder pads. As you know, I’m a huge fan of leather jackets and the kind of ‘Rock ’n Roll’ look. I think this leather jacket is amazing and fits really well.

In my second look, I’m wearing an extra long white shirt underneath Lumi3re’s black sweater with side zippers. This fit really connects to your body and therefore is really nice to wear.

I personally really love both looks; I hope you do too! Let me know which look you like most.


Talk to you guys soon!


by Robert Mitchell

Lumi3re Lumi3re Lumi3re Lumi3re Lumi3re Lumi3re

Lumi3re Lumi3re


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