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Blogpost called Streetwear fashion about a big city fashion inspired outfit. This outfit is very versatile and is masculine yet fashionable at the same time.

Today’s post is all about a streetwear inspired outfit. This kind of style is one of my personal favorites since it is very fashionable, but gives you a bit of a tough look at the same time. This type of outfits are well-represented in the big cities around the world and are also worn by many artists. It has a bit of a rockstar feel to it and instantly makes you look really cool.


The Outfit

In this paragraph I’m going to break down the outfit piece by piece. The outfit includes some highlight pieces which deserve some attention. The photos in this post were made on the rooftop of a building with a view of the skyline of the city I live in; Rotterdam.


The Jacket

The jacket I’m wearing is a black biker jacket from German fashion brand Tigha. I believe leather jackets are perfectly suited for streetwear outfit like these. However, another great option in this outfit would have been a bomber jacket. Whichever jacket you prefer, both will do the trick in an outfit like this one.


The Shoes

The shoes I’m wearing are the Alloy Chelsea Boots from Dutch brand ETQ. I believe the color of the Chelsea boots are amazing and really different from your standard black or brown Chelsea’s. This color is a bit in between of silver and grey and combine very well with the black pieces in this outfit.


The rest of the outfit includes a black jeans, which is always easy to combine and comfortable to wear and a grey hoodie from Pepe Jeans. Furthermore, I decided to give a little gold touch to the outfit by wearing my gold Michael Kors watch and some gold accessories that I found on a little market back in Ibiza. I think the outfit looks very cool and is an everyday, easy-to-wear outfit and will make you look fashionable, yet masculine in every situation.


I hope you guys like the outfit and the photos and if you have any comments or suggestions, let me know in the comment section below this post.


by Robert Mitchell


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