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Stripes On The Rocks; gorgeous Ibiza landscapes

Today’s post is called Stripes on the Rocks and is about my trip to Ibiza and all of its amazing landscapes.

Well hello again! I had a great day, how was yours?! First of all, take a second to enjoy this amazing landscape behind me! It’s at a little village called Portinatx in Ibiza and it looks gorgeous over there with all of the amazing rocks, that’s why I named this blogpost Stripes on the Rocks! Now let’s get back to the outfit. I love the casual but yet sophisticated look that comes along with this striped shirt. It matches perfectly with my off-white bermuda and I think the color of the stripes on my shirt match with the details I’m wearing, like my belt and accessory. I’m also wearing my new gold Michael Kors watch again. I can’t get enough of it, haha. I’m also wearing my new Ray-Ban sunglasses, which I think is really cool!

Let me know what you think about this look!


Robert Mitchell


Stripes On The Rocks Stripes On The Rocks Stripes On The Rocks Stripes On The Rocks

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