Summer Chic; menswear fashion for the summer

Today’s post is called Summer Chic and is about a menswear outfit for the summer season.

In today’s post Summer Chic, I’m writing about my new outfit, with the focus on my new trouser with braces, I simply love them! They are so versatile; you can wear the braces up, down or completely take them off and then you have a regular trouser. Because I’m wearing my trouser with braces, I decided to wear a plain white t-shirt on top of it with the sleeves rolled up a bit. I chose for the white-blue-brown combination again, I think it’s a great combination of colors for the summer! As you can see, my shoes, bracelets and sunglasses are matching colors. I’ve been wearing my leopard print Komono sunglasses often lately, but they’re one of my favorite sunglasses! Also pay attention to the cool rings I’m wearing, I love these kind of details that really make an outfit complete. I think this outfit is really fashionable, but casual at the same time!


Hope you guys got inspired by this outfit!


by Robert Mitchell


Summer Chic Summer Chic Summer Chic Summer Chic Summer Chic Summer Chic Summer Chic Summer Chic

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