The Trendiest Adidas Sneakers

Sneakers. Presumably your wardrobe is also full of it. Every self-respecting fashion-conscious person buys several pairs of sneakers every year. Do you want them smooth, timeless, distinct or just sporty? Among the popular manufacturers of this fashion item, Adidas has been a key player for a very long time. The German-made shoes are durable, fashionable and offer wonderful comfort for all types of feet. In this article, I discuss the most popular models of the Adidas sneakers.

Stan Smith may not say anything to you as a name. Smith played tennis at a professional level in the seventies and won the Grand Slam tournament Roland Garros. On the tennis tour, he was one of the first to sign a sponsorship deal with Adidas. Adidas later repaid this leap of faith and loyalty with a shoe that bears the name of him: the Adidas Stan Smith.


A sneaker that is remarkable because of its inconspicuousness. A white sneaker with various subtle details. The three stripe with holes on both sides of the shoe, the top of the lip in a different color, Adidas as brand name printed on the back of the rubber sole. Particularly valuable about the sneaker is that the shape stays as it is. Well formed around the feet and pleasantly sporty. This sneaker is perfectly suited for informal meetings. A glass of Chardonnay in hand and the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker at the foot.

Adidas Sneakers


The Adidas NMD Sneaker

The opposite of Stan Smith is a sneaker that goes through life under the name Adidas NMD, where NMD stands for Nomad. A shoe to travel. Experience adventures. To discover. For the design of this shoe, the designers of Adidas have gained inspiration from running shoes. A magnificent, comfortable outsole with a slight rounding provides a great cushioning effect. The upper part of the shoe is flexible and also able to keep your feet dry and cool.


The brand has really outdone itself with the color series of the Adidas NMD. Black and white mixed together, burgundy-red, beige-brown or plain black or white. Fans of this eye-catching sneaker can really eat their heart out with this model. Users praise the fit, which stays intact for a very long time and brings pure comfort. The shoe translates the story of the traveler that never stops. To underline that, the Adidas NMD is such a shoe that is easy to fold and returns to its original shape when taking it out of your suitcase.

Adidas Sneakers


The Adidas Superstar Sneaker

Finally, the Adidas Superstar. A classic that has been one of the showpieces of the Adidas sneaker collection for decades. A bit robust and a bit classic. Leather dominates the upper part of the shoe and the front has a striking rubber nose. That nose may be called the trademark of the Superstar.


With the Superstar, Adidas offers a shoe that is impressively durable. This is mainly due to the materials they have used. A sturdy rubber sole gives the foot extra support and the available colors almost literally shoot in all directions.

Adidas Sneaker


by Robert Mitchell

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