Touché Calendar; cute dogs and male models

Touché Models launches amazing calendar for charity

Hi guys! How are you doing? I hope you are doing well, I certainly am! In today’s post I want to highlight an amazing initiative from my modeling agency, Touché Models in Amsterdam. Touché has launched a new edition of the Touché Calendar. Just like last year, all of the revenues go to charity! This year, the calendar is made for Dutch Puppy and Stichting Dierenlot. These are both charities that focus on the well being of dogs.


Why Dutch Puppy and Stichting Dierenlot?

This year Touché Models has chosen Dutch Puppy and Stichting Dierenlot as the charities to which the revenues of the Touché Calendar go. As not all of you might know, there are tons of dogs that are being neglected and who are in desperate need of help. Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk themselves and therefore need our help in order to be saved! Touché Models are contributing to this proces and have made a new edition of the Touché Calendar. The calendar is full of good looking male models and super cute dogs from which the revenues go the the charities!


Where to buy the calendar?

What reasons do you need to buy the Touché Calendar besides that all of its revenues go to charity and that its full of super cute dogs and good-looking male models? Hurry and go and buy yourself a copy (or more than one!) of this calendar on! Helping the poor dogs while getting a calendar full of male models and cute dogs seems like a pretty good deal right! And if you’re a guy, you can always buy one for your mom, grandma, girlfriend or aunt, just like I did, ha ha! 😉


by Robert Mitchell


Photographed by the amazing Carin Verbruggen

Make-up and Hair done by Kimm Bakkers

Credits: Touché Models Amsterdam

Touché Calendar Touché Calendar Touché Calendar

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